What I’m Reading Over The Holidays This Year

A beautiful illustration and gift to us from the talented Georgina Garrigan.

By Colette Fitzpatrick

The break over the Christmas holidays means one thing to me: time to read. When I return to my family home, with suitcases stuffed with presents and the clothing I currently wear (rather than the skin-tight punk fare of my teens that resides in my wardrobes at home), I always make sure to save enough room to bring a stack of books. These see me through the long, languorous, and lazy days after Christmas. This year, in particular, I have a rather diverse offering and thought that, maybe, that might be interesting to y’all. So, here’s what I’m going to be reading over the holidays this year…

1. Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake

I’m a big believer in diets needing variety and that includes the junk food that we give ourselves as the kind of treat that is needed for self-care and sanity. As with food, I think there are books that you devour deliciously and that might not nourish us in the same way as those great works that change us and our lives but are still good for the soul and mind. Kendare Blake’s addictive YA fantasy is something I love to gobble up and this latest and third installment in her Three Dark Thrones series follows three young women, triplets, in an imaginary kingdom who are born to compete for one throne. Exploring loyalty, family (both biological and chosen), love, what it is to be a woman, competition, jealousy, and more, it is a fiery and fascinating tale set in an impeccably built world.


2. How To Live Plastic Free by The Marine Conservation Society

My effect on the planet has been something I’ve thought a lot about this year and this book is just the thing I need. It isn’t preachy or overly technical but, instead, is designed to give tips and tricks that can be applied to anyone’s life and help them reduce their consumption of plastic. Taking you through your day and your home, this practical guide may not turn you into a zero waste guru but will likely help you make real changes in your life and environment.

3. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim

This international bestseller started off as a major hit in the ever-buzzing home country of its author, Haemin Sunim. A South Korean Buddhist monk and university lecturer, Haemin first grew to prominence when he used his teachings and wisdom to offer advice to those who asked over social media. His insights and careful guidance saw his following grow and, eventually, saw a book deal come his way. As someone who is always running around like a lunatic, this mindfulness guide and its messages are something I direly need in my life. The only reason I haven’t finished it already is that he suggests taking it slow and sitting with the various sections, rather than devouring it in one sitting and taking nothing in…though that’s exactly what I want to do and why I need it.

4. A Treasury of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

This stunning collection of stories of fairies, legends, magic and mischief in Ireland is actually a gift for my dad (shhh, don’t tell him) but I’ve been enjoying dipping and out myself. A gathering of over 200 stories recorded in the 19th century, it captures the incredible tradition of storytelling in our country and is filled with the most fascinating tales, some of which are hundreds of years old and have been passed down through many, many generations.

Now I just need to return to my spot in front of the fire and getting working on these beauts…What will you guys be reading over the holidays?

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