Tasty Bean: Two Pups Coffee – A perfect weekend brunch/hang spot.


By Colette Fitzpatrick

Two Pups is a place I’ve walked past endless times on my way home from work or on my way into town and during the year I did my Masters in NCAD. So many trips past and I had never stepped foot inside: until a couple of weeks ago, when Emma (@emmadgrimes) and I had a meeting and brunch (mostly brunch, though) there.  Space Out Sister is upstairs and I had been through the cafe about a month before to visit the store, immediately mentally pencilling in a future visit as I walked through and took in the stylish minimal interiors and delicious smells. When I did make my way there for that brunch, we were met with quite the crowd and a menu so filled with yummy things that making a choice on just one item was difficult…


Two Pups is a cafe that has garnered a grass-roots cult following and attracts masses of locals for their lunch, brunch, baked goods and coffee. It has grown in size in recent years and is a three-room (i.e. two shop width) operation with various tables for small, medium and large groups and some outdoor tables in front. Walls are white, plants are dotted throughout, puppers can be spotted with their owners, furniture is a hodge-podge of vintage finds and the whole thing is stylish but not intimidatingly slick.



74 Francis St, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8


Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm

Sat-Sun 9.30am to 4pm


Menus change but are varied and have items like the granola with poached pears, homemade yoghurt, toasted coconut, caramel and shavings of dark chocolate (my pick); French Toast with plum butter compote, white chocolate mousse and caramelised white chocolate; and the avocado and fried eggs on toast (Emma’s pick); among other great options. Throughout the day, pastries, cakes and other baked goods and a wide variety of drinks are available such as various coffees, teas, ginger beer, kombucha, juice and more.


The food is presented on lovely ceramics and is colourful and artfully presented with lots of texture and visual interest, which helps to justify the price point (around seven to thirteen euros but usually over twelve), as does the complex combination of flavours and generous use of fresh and delicious ingredients.

Final Thoughts?

Satisfying and wholesome food and great tea and coffee, presented in the most adorable surroundings, Two Pups is a place that has a real sense of community and is a charming place to spend a weekend afternoon. Be aware that brunch/lunchtime will be very busy and you may have to wait for a table but it is totally worth it. If you’re interested in quieter vibes, on a weekday afternoon or after two on the weekends, it should be a little more chill; perfect for grabbing a cake and some coffee and settling down with a great book.

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