Got Time To Kill? Here Are Some Videos On Youtube That You Won’t Want To Miss…

By Colette Fitzpatrick

I kind of spend all day on Youtube. Whether I’m listening to a podcast while I work, checking out a new song until it makes its way to iTunes/Spotify, killing time on the bus or lazing about at home, there’s something playing in the background at all times. I’m also subscribed to an incredibly wide range of types of channels. As a result, I’m constantly coming across things that inform me/blow my mind/make me cry/make me cry with laughter.

Here are some of the best videos I’ve come across lately.

1. The Guardian’s video on the mixed-race kids that are forgotten victims of the abuse that plagued Ireland

This video was astounding and reminded of the issues that have haunted Ireland – physical, sexual and mental abuse of children by figures within the church, shady adoptions and a continued failure to reconnect adopted children with their families – but made me aware of a demographic of these survivors that I had never heard of before and who also suffered additional, racist vitriol. From two years ago and, yet, still news to me, it is truly horrifying and needs to be talked about more often and loudly.

2. Jack Whitehall being terrified by Mr Blobby on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Also from two years ago, I saw this when it aired on television and had forgotten just how funny it was. I have to think it was largely staged but it is no less hilarious, all the same. Manic, mad British television at its best.

3. Sarah Hawkinson recreating a Gerard Way Revenge-era look in a Hallowe’en tutorial

I’ve gotten back into MCR recently in a big way and I loved this tutorial. Plus, Sarah is just a complete queen of Hallowe’en on Youtube and someone to follow if you want more spooky content in the next few weeks.

4. The Aesthetic by ContraPoints

ContraPoints is one of the most interesting people on Youtube. Combining incredible editing, acerbic wit, excellent acting and an academic background, this video is a trademark example of how this channel deals with a variety of social issues. In this video, we delve into the idea of the expected aesthetic demanded of trans women.

5. Alex Meyers talks “500 Days Of Summer”

An excellent piece on the true genius of this movie.

6. TED-Ed on why you should give Edgar Allen Poe a go…

Giving my mans, Poe, some love, this is an excellent and brief summary on this fascinating man and his incredible oeuvre. 

7. iKON’s “Goodbye Road”

One of my current K-pop obsessions, this is the third release this year from YG boygroup iKON, who really are having a stellar year full of bops. Another bop itself, beautifully shot and with the most charmingly adorable boygroup dance I’ve ever seen, it’ll make you smile from beginning to end.

8. Malinda on not looking in a mirror for five days…

This beautiful video combines Malinda’s lovely music, gorgeous cinematography and is a deeply personal and insightful reflection on…reflections.

9. Conan Gray’s “Generation Why”

Conan Gray is simply a delight that you need in your life and his latest music video is charming, dreamy and lovely…as per.

10. VOX on acids in skincare.

Good old VOX, breaking shit down for us once again. This time for anyone who has ever been confused by how complex skincare is nowadays…

Now, you too have a nice little Youtube rabbit hole to fall down…just don’t at me for it.

Looking for more entertainment? Check out Emma’s guide to October at the cinema and Philippa’s intro to Podcasts.

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