A Goosebumps-inspired Makeup Look From Our Beauty Guru, Elle

By Elle Bear

Hallo! Little tutorial jam coming up today. My main focus in this look were the use of contrasting colours. Lots of delicious greens and purples (Not pining for hallowe’en at all…) I will also be looking at slight variations I’ve done with a basic foundation that I now use as a basis for most of my eye makeup looks. Doesn’t that sound thrilling? Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a mad one.


1. And we’re off! Starting, as always, with a clean canvas. I’ve my face primed, foundation on and and contacts in (Some people put contacts in after but, unless I have to do this for some reason, I will always put them in first. I feel like the chances of ruining my beautiful tiny lines skyrocket if I’m pawing at my face with a damp contact). I tend not to bring my foundation right up to my eyes. The way I do eye shadow brings it out to meet the foundation.


2. For this look, I’m going for purple brows. I’ve just used a high pigment eye shadow and filled them in with an angled brush. One of mine always sits more angled than the other but don’t worry; remember, sisters not twins.


3. So, we’re gonna start creating our shape. I’m going a little more open at the inner end for this so I’ll be going more full on with the white eyeliner. I’ll be tidying up these lines in a few.


4. I’m gonna be using purple, black and green. Starting with the purple on the top lid and blending it out and down around the inner eye.

I’m then gonna use the same purple to create the eye shape. I’m going to draw that line with an angled brush and then blend it down. We’re going to be adding in some black so don’t be shy with it, lest you lose all your purple!



5. Fill in your lid with some black and blend out. The black I use isn’t as pigmented as I would like, so I dampen my makeup brush SLIGHTLY before I use the black. It makes it much darker, and stops the purple coming through it. I figure a cut crease might go really well here too but I really couldn’t be arsed.


7. Hurrah for sudden tone changes! Bring the black along that lower line and blend it into your purple. I do have a special small brush exactly for blending that lower line I’m always doing. I’d recommend having one if you fancy doing anything like this regularly. It’ll save you many hours of unintentional overblown shadows


8. Set the inner liner with a white shadow and add a good highlight of a neon-y green in the corners. (It’s kinda a yellowy green, or a greeny yellow. I’ve had arguments with people before about what colour that is so I’m just gonna cover all my bases.)



9. Next, offer up your prayers to your eyeliner and hope it blesses you with a smudge-free application. I’m going to bring the wing part down *slightly* more than I usually would. I’m going to be keeping it to one flick today so in order not to end up with an unintended fat wing I’ll compensate now.


10. The edges of the lower line are a little more dramatic here. They’re going to curve down as we approach the inner eye. There’s no reason, I just like how it looks. Always remember when doing these kind of details: have VERY LITTLE amounts of product on your chosen method of eyeliner application. You have been warned!


11. Next up, I’m putting on my inner point. Approach this as if it were two separate lines. Base the second (bottom) line of the point off how the top one works and where it sits. It’s easier to see here how I’ve closed off the lower white line on the outer edge. You want to be decisive about how you start and finish your lines when you’re doing makeup. When you’re working beyond the normal eye shape it can be easy to start something but have no idea how to finish it and end up with it just sitting there not pulling its weight. Plan it out, you deserve a better eye make up!


12. Finish with one black lipstick (or improvise with some face paint cause you were out of black lipstick…Feel like I’m letting the goth community down with that…) and some lashes and whatever contour you like. There’s a sneaky lil accent line of greeny-yellow there too ‘cause why not?! Done!..Right?


13. How about we just add some contrasting neon green dots? Just for giggles like. Just a small amount, no one will even notice….


Few more maybe?


Few more, be grand.

Congratulations, you now look like a Goosebumps! And really, isn’t that the dream?

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