The Best Cruelty-Free Eyeshadow Palettes For Every Occasion



By Emma Grimes

When I saw that Fenty Beauty was releasing a new eyeshadow palette, Moroccan Spice, I got to thinking about the palettes in my collection from cruelty-free brands. Here at Bean, we have decided to take a cruelty-free stance on makeup and skincare. When we first talked about it I was nervous as the Beauty Ed, thinking that it would hugely limit what I could write about; how wrong I was! When I actually started doing some research, I realised that most of my favourite brands are actually cruelty-free. 

A lot of the brands that are most well known for their amazing eyeshadow palettes are actually cruelty-free: Too Faced, Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban DecayMarc Jacobs Beauty and Tarte. 

I think it’s important to show that deciding to only buy from cruelty-free brands, does not mean you have to compromise on quality and you still have plenty of choice ranging from more affordable to high end brands. 


The All Round One – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, €47 

This palette both looks and smells like a chocolate bar (which means it takes me twice as long to do my eye makeup because I keep sniffing it). You get 16 shades – 6 of which are matte – and there are two more neutral, base shades that are a larger size; a great idea because those tend to be the most used shades in any palette. The palette consists of mostly warm shades including numerous browns, gold, plum and purple. The eyeshadows are long-lasting and are easy to apply and blend out.  My favourite shades are Amaretto and Hazelnut. 


The Special One – Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette, €50 

This is one I tend to save for special occasions because it’s so gorgeous. €50 for 4 eyeshadows is definitely more on the more expensive end of the scale but it really is the most beautiful, and surprisingly versatile, palette. The Prime, Enhance and Smoke shades are all wearable on their own, but it’s the sparkly gold Pop shade that takes this palette to the next level. Again, the quality is spot-on. My favourite shades are Enhance and Pop. 


The Basic One – Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics, €47.50 

I could have put any Urban Decay palette in here because I love all of the ones I have collected over the years (10 in total). The reason I chose this one, in particular, is that it’s a great basis for any eyeshadow look. You get 12 shades of cool, warm, light and dark matte eyeshadow and the formula of the matte UD eyeshadows is the best I’ve tried. They also make for great eyeliners when mixed with the All Nighter Setting Spray and applied with a thin liner brush. My favourite shades are Instinct, Lethal and Extra Bitter. 


The Makeup Lover’s One – Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, €49 

This much buzzed about and beloved palette is really for people who like to experiment with colour. It has some of the most beautiful eyeshadow shades I’ve ever used. You get 14 shades, 10 are matte and all are rich in pigment and easily blended. The shade selection makes it great for achieving a wide variety of different looks within the one palette. My favourite shades are Antique Bronze, Red Ochre and Venetian Red.

These guys are but a selection of the incredible cruelty-free palettes on the market so, if you’re looking for an ethical new eyeshadow selection, bear in mind that there is more choice than you may have imagined!

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