How To Make Your Summer Makeup Sweatproof


By Emma Grimes

Ireland has been experiencing unprecedented hot weather recently and although it’s a very welcome change from our usual drab Summers, it’s been wreaking havoc on everyones makeup routine. As much as I love the warm weather and blue skies, it makes getting ready in the morning a challenge. If you don’t usually wear makeup, you’ll be fine to apply sun protection and leave it at that, but for anyone who wears even minimal makeup, it can be a struggle to have it stay on your face for even five minutes after stepping outside the door. 

These are my tips for making your makeup slightly more sweat-proof for the remainder of the Summer. 


1. Apply Light Layers

This might seem obvious, but I often forget and end up applying a rich moisturiser and then remember I have to apply SPF and foundation on top. The less layers on your face, the less there is to sweat away. By using a gel moisturiser or an integrated moisturiser with SPF or foundation/CC Cream with SPF you’re cutting down on the amount of products that have to sink into your balmy skin. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50 (€34, 30ml) is a great base to use as it colour corrects and gives great coverage but without feeling heavy. The only thing is to remember to use enough of the product that you’re covering your entire face and neck to avoid getting a sun burn. 

2. Only Apply Base Where You Need It

This completely depends on what you’re comfortable with, but if my skin is looking relatively well and I don’t need to cover much, I’ll just use foundation/concealer on certain areas of my skin. Sometimes I’ll use a moisturiser with SPF and then just use concealer on the areas of my face that I want coverage. Just make sure your foundation/concealer is the exact match to your skin, otherwise it can look patchy. 

3. Setting Sprays are Your Best Friend

I tend to use a loose or pressed powder to set my t-zone which gets oily throughout the day, but if you don’t like powder or if you want your makeup even more sweat-proof, then you could try investing in a setting spray. One of the best on the market is the Urban Decay All-Nighter (€31, 118ml), they also have two other setting sprays Chill (which cools the surface of your makeup and hydrates it) and De-Slick (this is great for oil control). You can also get handy 30ml travel sizes of these for €12 which are perfect for keeping in your bag to top up if you need it. The NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish Setting Spray is great budget option at only €10 for 60ml and the Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray is great value for money as you get 120ml for €24. 



I have been known to double up on setting sprays when the weather is particularly hot. In that case you could use something like the Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray (€34.52, 100ml) or the Supergoop! ‘Defense Refresh’ Setting Mist with Rosemary SPF 50 (€25.43, 100ml), both of which set your makeup and give added sun protection. If you’re not a fan of setting sprays, you could always use a primer. However, I personally find this an extra layer to my makeup that I just don’t need. 

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’99, Wear Sunscreen!

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