Celebrity Book Clubs For The Commitment-Phobe Book-Lover

book club

By Chloe Cowman

It can be hard to make it to a real life book club regularly. My own one is only once a month and I sometimes can’t even make that thanks to work, other commitments and life, in general! Therefore, online book clubs are a really great way to broaden your reading horizons, chat to other literary lovers and is also a great social outlet (even if the social here is social-media social).

I’ve rounded up just five celebrity online book clubs that are worth taking a look at to help you find the club for you if you can’t commit IRL:

1. Rick O’Shea Bookclub (Facebook)

This group just surpassed 15,000 members and for good reason. If you’re looking for an Irish-based club, look no further. Rick is a big book lover and oversees matters; picking a variety of book choices once a month that you can pick from accordingl y- you don’t have to read them all. At the end of every month, the books are discussed by everyone. Rick often organises real-life events too, like meet-ups and book-signings by authors. In between those times, people post their book hauls, chat about their latest reads and ask for advice on what to read next. It’s generally seen as the nicest corner of Facebook! Recent picks include; Almost Love, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and Ready Player One. Join here.

2. Richard & Judy (as in THE Richard & Judy)

This one’s been going for a while too and both Judy and her husband have written works of fiction of their own, as they are such big fans of reading! It’s a similar formula to Rick’s, except possibly with a little less interaction. They tend to choose mainly new releases and A LOT of thrillers, domestic noir etc. If that’s your thing, look no further! Recent picks include; The Hearts Invisible Furies, The Witch Finder’s Sister (I liked this one too) and The Marriage Pact. Join here.

3. Reese Witherspoon – Hello Sunshine

I’m only a recent convert to this but it’s also a rather new book club. Reese is a big reader and would always share her latest book on her Instagram page until there was so much interest in it, she set up a book club with its own dedicated Insta page. Reese is fond of books that make you ponder your existence a little bit; self improvement, female authors, thought-provoking fiction; it’s all there. Her most recent picks have been; The Light We Lost, Braving the Wilderness and The Rules of Magic (a recent fave of mine too). Join here.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker – Book Club Central

Yes, Carrie Bradshaw herself has an online book club! Although that’s not entirely accurate, SJP is actually the honorary chair, while someone else does the admin work! Recent picks include; Exit West, No One is Coming To Save Us and Stay With Me (my own most recent IRL book club pick). Join here.

5. Florence and The Machine – Between Two Books.

I only really dip in and out of this one but their Instagram is beautiful – a Mecca for book-lovers. Recent picks include; Last Exit to Brooklyn (I read this one in my early 20’s and I’ve never forgotten it), The Lesser Bohemians and The Argonauts. Join here.

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